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The Weather Company


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The Weather Company

Here you are required to provide a report for The Weather Company, you are supposed to cover the following aspects in your answers:

  • Process of transformation and the assisted factors
  • App development process, how is it different from others
  • Technology used due to security reasons

The Weather Company

Each answer should be at least 300 words.

  1. Explain the process of transformation of a traditional company like TWC as described in the case. What factors helped in the transformation?
  2. Describe the app development process at TWC? Was it different from other firms? Talk to your IT department and explain how it is different from your firm.

Note: my firm is using very basic technology due to the security reasons and with no any apps so you can write this way about this point

  1. Discuss how TWC leveraged big data to innovate? 
  2. As indicated in the case, how can TWC retain its competitive advantage with its app? What other data should be incorporated in the app to make it a source of premium advt revenue?
  3. As indicated in the case, what strategy should TWC follow: consumer apps or professional business services or both? Explain using data.
  4. Analyze how did IS strategy align with business strategy at TWC. 


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