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The War on Terror

The War on Terror

Methodology Report  – 2000 words


Choose ONE of the following topics.


            •                    The War on Terror

            •                    The Iraq War

            •                    The Syrian Civil War,

            •                    The migration issue 2015/16-present,

            •                    The Ukraine issue 2013-present,

            •                    The “Arab Spring”

            •                    The Eurozone crisis

            •                    Brexit

            •                    Contemporary British politics

            •                    Populist parties in Europe

            •                    2016 American presidential election.



         ⁃       Identify a strong and focussed research question from the topic you chose

         ⁃       Then imagine you are going to carry out primary research on your chosen topic. Identify the following:

         1.                Context and research question.

         2.                Theoretical framework

         3.                Methodology

         4.                Research design


You need to define and justify your choices of theory/methodology and research design with reference to your chosen topic. Why are they the best way to answer the research question? A rough guide would be to write 500 words on each.

NB: You can also use secondary sources


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The War on Terror The War on Terror
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