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The Superiority of Man: The Earth as Home of All Creatures


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The Superiority of Man: The Earth as Home of All Creatures

The Superiority of Man: The Earth as Home of All Creatures


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The Superiority of Man

Man is definitely the most intelligent being on the earth. The mental capacity and the ability to think beyond the norm has set man apart from other animals and provided him with immense powers to control them. As far a science is concerned, earth is the only planet out there with the ability to support and sustain life. Therefore, this remains to be the home of all living things as there is no other planet that supports life apart from the earth. This study seeks to analyze the opening statement by King Fa on the Great Declaration of Shang Shu.

The Earth as Home of All Creatures

There have been many scientific missions to discover a planet that supports life just like the earth to no avail (Ward & Brownlee pg04). Many of these missions by National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) and other bodies have not yielded any fruitful results. Indeed, after the advancement in science and technology and development of powerful telescopes and other tools necessary for exploratory purposes, we can conclude that the earth is still the only planet in the universe that supports life.

In the Great Declaration of Shang Shu, King Fa declared that “Heaven and earth is the parent of all creatures; and of all creatures man is the most highly endowed” (Legge). There are several reasons why I agree with this statement. There are many evidences and re...

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