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The objective of this assignment is for you to develop skills in the comparative analysis of images and in art historical research. The image to discuss: The Starry Night from Van Gogh In this research paper, you are to deepen your discussion of this artwork through comparing it to other relevant works of art, and through doing scholarly research. Choose AT LEAST two other artworks for comparative purposes. These other works might be by the same artist, by different artists working in same style (i.e. Neoclassicism, Romanticism, etc.), work in another medium or style with similar subject matter, etc. It may help you to choose a theme that ties your original work to your comparative works, and you will find suggested themes below. In your paper, make an argument about the images you have chosen to discuss, an argument that is supported by your comparative analysis and research. Suggested themes for your paper (note that these are just guidelines; other themes are acceptable): - An expansion of one or more aspects of your formal analysis, common to the works you discuss - Common subject matter in the works you discuss - Common tropes (for example, windows, mirrors, ships, etc.) - Models and poses - Fashion and dress - Photography and art - Urban, suburban and/or rural settings, seascapes, etc. - Issues around gender, race, class, or politics - Science and art - Movement in art - Humour, satire and/or caricature in art Research guidelines: Your paper should include at least FIVE sources. These can include scholarly articles, scholarly books, and museum and exhibition catalogues. Museum websites that discuss specific works are also acceptable, but must be IN ADDITION to your other five sources; generic websites such as Wikipedia are not acceptable. Note: - include colour images of the artworks you discuss
THE STARRY NIGHT” AND OTHER ART WORKSName:Unit:Date due: “THE STARRY NIGHT” AND OTHER ART WORKS``The starry night is a Vincent van Gogh`s painting. It shows stars in a dark sky lit by a bright moon. In the painting a town lies behind the hills marking the horizon. A church structure over shadows the smaller buildings. The painting compared to other paintings may have a number of similarities as well as differences. Such a painting as “midsummer Twilight” by Willard Leroy Metcalf, may differ in a number of ways such as style, subject matter, symbolism, color, etc. however, they may carry some similarities with them. Here in different paintings are compared to “the starry night”.One of the similarities between “midsummer twilight” by Metcalf and “the starry night” by van Gogh is the subject matter. The two paintings are featuring nature such as the sky, hills, vegetation.The vegetation in the paintings however, they show the difference in the activities of the residences in the paintings.Another feature that appears in the two paintings is the structures. There are houses in both the paintings. In starry night there is a church structure that overshadows other structures. The significance of the structure is to show the religious activities of the occupants of the town. The artists have similarly used the sky as the background. The background in the starry night occupies the larger part of the painting. It is an effect that matches the title of the painting “the starry night. Similarly, in his painting, Metcalf applies sky as the background though to a small extent.Another major similarity in the paintings is the theme. It is clear that the artists have spent ample time in painting the landscapes.“Starry night” and” midsummer twilight” seem to be in a valley and surrounded by hills. For example, in the starry night, the town lies at the feet of the hills. The hills mark the horizon. Similarly, in the midsummer twilight, the settlement lies along the hills and the horizon is marked by hills though they seem far away.Symbolism is another similarity in the paintings. In starry night a number of symbolismshave been employed to communicate a few things to the viewer. For example, stars and the moon may be interpreted to mean hope and future. Though it is night and things may not be clear there is hope of light. The presence of the church structure symbolizes the religious activities of the people inhabiting the area. Similarly, in the midsummer twilight, the farm house...

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