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The Speech of Introduction


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The Speech of Introduction

The Speech of Introduction

The Speech of Introduction should set the stage for a keynote speaker. It should welcome the speaker, introduce the speaker`s topic and establish the speaker`s credibility. Directions: Choose a prominent international figure (foreign figure) to invite to the United States to speak at an event. The event can be real or contrived, but must be linked to a real organization that could convince such an influential person to come to this country. The famous person you choose must also have a reputation as a speaker, and you must refer to one of their speeches in this speech of introduction. Write a 3-4 minute speech of introduction, using information gathered to complete the fact sheet. The speech of introduction should present the speaker, and highlight the event and organization that has brought him/her to this country. As always the content, organization and delivery of this speech will be evaluated. It is worth 50 points. * Content: Greetings, attention getter, speaker praise * Organization * o Introduction o + Greetings (1) + Attention Getter (5) + Introduce yourself (5) + # Link yourself to the occasion, the organization that invited the speaker, and the speaker. Explain why you were given the honor of introducing such a famous speaker. o Body o + Present the speaker (12) + Link the speaker to the occasion (8) o Conclusion o + Invite the audience to join you in welcoming the speaker. (1) o Vocal Delivery o + Volume (2) + Rate (4) + Pause (2) + Inflection (4) + Pronunciation (3) + Articulation (3) Time Frame: 3-4 minutes Maximum Point Value: 50 points
SPEECH OF INTRODUCTIONStudent`s NameName of LecturerName of InstitutionLadies and gentlemen, I would like to take a few moments to introduce left0Carlos Baradello. He is a Mentor of the Global Social Benefit Incubator at the Center for Science, Technology and Society of Santa Clara University. He is going to talk to us about the future of information technology and the pros and cons of various forms of technologies. I am (Insert your name) and I am the regional corporate affairs manager of Coca-Cola Company. I am very pleased to be with you tonight and to have the chance to introduce to you our guest speaker, Carlos Baradello. He...

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