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The society and the External Environment

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The society and the External Environment

The society and the External Environment

Blogs are for you to use your “sociological imagination” by applying something that we discussed in class, covered in lectures, read in your textbook, or saw in a video to your everyday life.
The blog must be at least 300 words in length and respond specifically to some of the topics discussed in class. You must have ONE SOURCE that is not your textbook, powerpoint slides, or class notes.
Tell me:
add more information by including a new source
argument whether you thought the movies and clips were thought-provoking or just did not provide a strong enough
whether you agree or disagree with how a topic was represented (make sure to tell me whey you feel they way you do)
how you feel about specific topics that were presented in class

Having watched the documentary is it real feral children, I am fascinated by the limits that a human being can go to survive due to the effects social upbringing. I am also fascinated by the social aspect of people due to the desire to create new ties with other beings such as wild animals. Interestingly, the documentary reveals the essence of creating social ties with other people that are around an individual to enhance their wellbeing. In addition, it reveals that an individual’s mental makeup majorly relies on the level of affection they have for other objects, animals or other human beings. If the environment turns out hostile then, an individual leans in the direction that fits in with the existing factors.

The documentary also makes it clear that a person follows the rule of survival by using that which makes their life livable. I have also noted the same in my life whenever am under pressure by choosing actions that will be convenient not only for me but for the people that are around my circle only. The documentary makes it clear why those people that are around an individual’s circle shape their character. Not only does it offer special cases of characters that have been said to be feral children, but also the documentary allows one to realize the factors that contribute the upbringing of a child to enable them possess the human attributes. Other aspects that arose are the essential to the life of an individual to make them human and the necessities that a person needs to make their life livable. The mode of raising these issues has been an interesting one to learn by visualizing previously noted account of events.

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The society and the External Environment The society and the External Environment
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