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The Slave Trade and the Origins of African Slavery


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The Slave Trade and the Origins of African Slavery

The Slave Trade and the Origins of African Slavery

Title: Origins of African Slavery: Slavery in Africa and in the World. Book Sources: 1.Winthrop D. Jordan, The White Man`s Burden. (Only from Chapter 1) 2.Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship.( Only from Chapter 2) Reading Summary Guide: Write a three paragraphs analysis of the assigned readings following the organizational structure provided below: Introductory Paragraph: In the introductory paragraph write a brief summary of the selected chapters discussing the main theme of the reading. Use the title to formulate the summary. Write a one-sentence thesis statement and Underline the thesis statement. Again, use the title to formulate the thesis. Body (Evidence ) Paragraph: Write a brief body paragraph discussing key passages or sentences from the reading as evidence. Be sure to provide multiple direct quotes from the readings as evidence. Also, provide page citation for all the quotes used as evidence. Discuss the significance of the readings in relation to the selected quotes pulled from the text. Try to use 3-5 direct quotes from the readings as evidence in the body paragraph. Concluding Paragraph Write a brief conclusion discussing own opinion on the readings and its overall relevance to history. Print the WORD COUNT at the bottom of the page and please make sure it`s not under 500 words. Please only use the CHAPTERS listed above. ONLY FROM THOSE CHAPTER.
The Slave Trade and the Origins of African Slavery IntroductionIn The White Man`s Burden: Historical Origins of Racism in the United States (1974), Winthrop Jordan used historical accounts as well as evidences of incipient racism in the arts and literature of the early colonization period to support his arguments. On the other hand, The Slave Ship: a Human History (2007) by Markus Rediker humanized the stories behind the slave trade, thereafter chronicling the travails and struggles of the colonies against the colonizers. The perception of the Africans as “blacks”, which then connote as lesser human beings, is partly the reason behind the ensuing belief that they can be treated as slaves and thus perpetuating the evils of the slave trade and the burden of racism against these people.BodyThe evils racism rests upon the gaze that perceives them to be so. According to Jordan (1974: 4), “‘Negroes` looked different to Englishmen; their religion was un-Christian; their manner of living was anything but English; they seemed to be a particularly libidinous sort of people.” The colonizer...

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