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The significance of posters in communication

The significance of posters in communication

In this assignment, you are required to provide a report on the significance of poster in communication. You are supposed to provide a clear and readable answer. You are required to select a particular poster for your report. Furthermore, you are also allowed to give relevant examples to support your answer.  

Poster can be defined simply as a piece of printed paper which has been designed with particular message and illustrations with a purpose of passing information. The use of posters has been a common happening in today’s life events and gatherings. They serve as the most appropriate and easy way for one to pass their message across. For this case, I will analyze a particular poster dubbed My Abilities Speak Louder than My Disability.

This kind of a poster has probably been created by an individual or groups of people who are advocating for the rights of the disabled people in the society. The kind of message has been structured in a way that it touches the emotions of the audience. A good poster should be able to leave a mark in the audience and give them a reason to think and evaluate on a particular subject. It pushes for the recognition and non discriminatory approach towards the lives of the disabled (Kerr et al 2001)

An ideal poster should be able to capture the audience’s attention mainly by its design. In this poster, the words my abilities speak louder than my disabilities have been structured in a way that it is easy to understand the message. The words have been visually prepared in a way that it becomes easy for one to get the concept fast enough. Color can be used to facilitate this. For instance in this poster, the color of the text used is red. Apart from making it visible from far, red color commands attention and seriousness of the message (Shelledy, 2004).

Any information contained in a poster should be relevant and direct towards the main idea being expressed. This is to allow an easy understanding of the elements that make up the final subject. Words like ‘I can write, I can build play sets and I am a hard worker ‘have been categorically selected to indicate that a disabled person can perform the same kind of activities which other people can do. These statements have been used and are aimed at making or supporting the final statement to be stronger (Kerr et al 2001).


An interesting way at looking at this kind of a poster is the way the message has been presented. The layout has been put in a creative way which makes the information easily accessible. In this case they appear to be in small voices from different people who want disability not to be a discriminatory factor against them. Hence this becomes a universal way of reaching out to the world since one can relate with some or all of them (Kerr et al 2001).

The most likely place this kind of poster was being use is in a march organized in which the disabled people come out and push for the recognition of their effort towards the state. It calls for not only the disabled people who come out but also those who are championing their course and supporting their achievements. People hold such kinds of poster which they express their concerns in a simple way (Shelledy, 2004).

Usage of posters is a common phenomenon in….


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The significance of posters in communication The significance of posters in communication
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