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HEAVILY focus on the role of Speech-Language Pathologist(SLP) in children who are stutterers. The role of the SLP in management of the problems experienced in the disorder. Also include any controversies/questions that may be involved in the management of the communication problems and any review of research that supports the work of SLPs with this population(evidence based practice)....four references from professional literature (peer reviewed) the topic is the role of SLP in children who stutter. HEAVILY Focus on this please. -FLUENCY DISORDER---STUTTERING--IN CHILDREN
THE ROLE OF SLP IN CHILDREN WHO STUTTERName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(3rd December 2012)IntroductionThe paper addresses the roles that speech language pathologists play in children who stutter. The roles of the speech language pathologists is to work alongside school children who are faced with the problem of communication hence being affected in their success by the pull back. The major areas where the SLPs work to help the children include in their social interactions, in their learning, their literacy and in their classroom activities. In this paper the roles of the SLPs is to help children with the communication problem of stuttering as its one of the great problem affecting the success of children in schools due to the disorders it causes on the Childs performance. The stuttering children need to be helped in the areas of improving their communication skills such as reading, speaking, writing, learning and thinking. From the problems of communication it`s clear that stuttering leads to poor communication skill such as poor participation in the classroom instructions and the development and maintenance of healthy relationship with others.What SLPs Do To Deal with Stutter DisorderIn stuttering some of the major problems that the SLPs are faced with include the affected children having some hesitations, prolongations or hesitations in their speaking who have the problem of stuttering also are faced with their sounds affecting the sounds of syllables ,phrases or words while they speak and also the interaction in the flow of the word rhythm. These are among the many problems that the SLPs are faced with helping the children. The roles of the SLPs in the school where these problems of stuttering and other disorders are rampant are faced with the roles of making sure there is the prevention of the spread of the disorders in the communication and they should asses the risks of the stuttering students in order to help in the future preventions. The SLPs are also tasked with the evaluation of the results from the comprehensive assessment of the children suffering from the fluency problems and they should develop and implement the IEPs. It`s the role of the SLPs to study the stammering children through the counseling classes and come up with the documented outcome that will help create collaboration with the teachers and others helping the children.More roles for the SLPs in helping children who are faced with the fluency disorders include the collaboration and consultancy service they offer to them helping in the development and creation of strategies of improvement in the methods of learning. The SLPs also conduct small group and even individual sessions which incorporate the stutters and in these sessions the victims are helped in their practices of improvement in the fluency and the consistence speaking...

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