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The Promise


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The Promise

The Promise

Questions regarding the Film "The Promise" 1995 by M. von Trotta: Considering the societal and political reality in the German Democratic Republic how does Konrad¡¯s life differ from the one of his friend Sophie in the West? How does his life exemplify the relationship between citizens and the Communist state/ party authorities in the GDR? In this context, why do you think that M. von Trotta decided to assign Konrad the role of a successful natural scientist?
The PromiseInstitution affiliation:Course:Date of submission:IntroductionAt times, lovers are separated by age. Other occasions separated by race. On still other occasions, it is religion. Although, in “The Promise” Konrad and Sophie are of the same age, same nationality and the same religion. The lovers are separated by an ugly put up of stone and barbered wire that turns out to be a mark of the war. In the 1960s in Berlin, nothing was more terrible than the realism of lovers, families and cold friends separated by what became identified as “The Wall”.Konrad becoming a well esteemed astronome...

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