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The Negative Impact of Sugary Drinks on Students’ Health

The Negative Impact of Sugary Drinks on Students’ Health

Negative Impact of Sugary Drinks on Students’ Health Introduction Sugary drinks are some of the foods whose consumption has led to a rise in obesity cases in the US and around the world. An increase in signs of diabetes has been on increase among children according to statistics presented in a report by Mello, Pomeranz and Moran (595). The interpretation of these findings is that this is a national emergency that must be addressed with urgency. To address this issue, some laws have been adopted in the US that seeks to control the availability of sugary beverages in school settings. However, such policies have failed to succeed due to the resistance encountered from the soft drinks as well as reluctance by the government to address this issue (Mello, Pomeranz and Moran 595)

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  • Title: The Negative Impact of Sugary Drinks on Students’ Health
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