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“The mother”- Gwendolyn Brooks


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“The mother”- Gwendolyn Brooks

“The mother”- Gwendolyn Brooks

hi writer i will uploaded all my teacher instruction right now. so you can do the job from there so let me know for any question.And to choose the poem please refer to my last four order.And from them you can get a poem and title.
Name: Course: Instructor: Date: “The mother”- Gwendolyn Brooks Theme The major theme in the poem relates to the moral repercussions of some decisions in the lives of women. Women are faced by hard decisions in the face of pregnancy that may push them to commit acts of abortion. The speaker elucidates the pain she has underwent due to her numerous abortions and the reflections she has to live with in regards to her previous actions that haunt her. Gwendolyn Brooks in her poem brings out the emotive issue of abortions and their impact on the individual lives of various women. Abortion is a global issues with many proponents as well as opposition, thus the poem objectively handles the emotional aspect of abortions. The opening line of the poem “Abortions will not let you forget” shows the lasting impacts of abortion (Line...

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