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The Major issues and satisfaction of the police


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The Major issues and satisfaction of the police

The Major issues and satisfaction of the police

Select a functional role in one of the three major areas of criminal justice administration—police, courts, or corrections—and describe what you consider the major issues and satisfactions of that particular role. Has this course helped prepare you? If not, what might improve the course?`Write about POLICE.
THE MAJOR ISSUES AND SATISFACTION OF THE POLICENameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionIntroductionThe police force has continued to receive attention by both the media and the general public. The police have also continued to receive mixed reactions from the civilians and other government agencies including other organs of criminal justice administration such as the courts and the centers of correction. However in as much as most of the comments about the police force are usually outrageous and full of complains because of accusations of corruption, unfairness, negligence and excessive use of the force, most people do not really understand the major issues that face the police as well as its satisfactions. The following essays analyze some of the major issues and satisfaction of the police as well as give a conclusive summary at the bottom of the paper.The issues facing the police forceThere are several issues that have been reported to affect the police force both by the civilians been policed and the police officers themselves. The top issues that have been so far reported include governance, operation costs, resources, crime and detections as well as operational priorities.GovernanceThe model and strategy of governance that is in use by the police force today requires immediate sorting out because currently it has an issue with its leadership. This is because the several sub branches found under the police service bring ...

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