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The influence of Machiavelli`s Philosophy to the world


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The influence of Machiavelli`s Philosophy to the world

The influence of Machiavelli`s Philosophy to the world

The influence of Machiavelli`s Philosophy to the world. Cut down a little on the intro and the conclusion so that the body takes up more space. There must be a bibliographical(NOT merely a works cited page) with a minimum of two (2) explicitly philosophical references (1 to 2 sheets).
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Influence of Machiavelli`s Life Philosophy to the Whole World Introduction This paper highlights the influence of Machiavelli`s life philosophy to the whole world through his literal works, “The prince”. Machiavelli influence in the world can be felt politically and also spiritually. In Machiavelli`s known work, The Prince he explicitly explain his life philosophy to the world, in this political of the 15th century which was meant to be a tribute to Lorenzo, in a very thoughtful straight to the point piece of political affiliation. The prince is even more popular and more relevant to the modern political treatise. The field of political science has been uplifted to the highest level by Machiavelli work. The prince was a political masterpiece that survived the test of time to prove the world, at the time of Machiavelli he was amongst the pioneers to take politics to such a level. Despite Machiavelli`s shrewd political views that is coupled with little morals he still shows a lot of logic and sense as proved by his words, “one ought to be both feared and loved, but as it is difficult for the two to go together, it is much safer to be feared than loved…for love is held by a chain of obligation which, men being selfish, is broken whenever it serves their purpose; but fear is maintained by a dread of punishment which never fails.”( Prezzolini, 1967). Influe...

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