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The importance of an college education


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The importance of an college education

The importance of an college education

I need a persuasive research papaer and the topic is, the importance of an college education. Please do not plagarize a paper because i have to send it theought the university plagarize checker. i have a paper to upload aor fax to you. I need ouside sources and facts.
As the years go by, the competitiveness and nature of professional occupations grow to be tougher and tougher, running with the flow of the society`s transgression. As such, the need for more competent and effective young professionals also appears to be a crucial contributing factor in acquiring a good-paying job and staying in the middle-class sector. This kind of attainment, however, does not prove available to all. There are a lot of certain prerogatives for those who have earned at least a bachelor`s degree in college; hence, this paper will discuss the importance of college education.A report once covered Vice President Joe Biden giving a talk to a graduating college class, and had quoted him claiming the importance of college, alongside the ability to pay for it, are the necessary factors needed to stay on the middle class track (Kates, 2009.) In further support and expansion of this claim, Pascarella and Terenzini (2005) idealized through their extensive researches how college influences a student by citing several essential factors and their relationship with workforce earnings. They first proposed through a study that the quality of the college the individual attended has a significant impact on the fresh career earnings, especially for those who studied in various academic fields. This may prove that the essence of the cognitive preparedness and versatility of the individual is relied upon to accentuate a better workplace performance which would soon yield valuable results for the company applied in. However, based on the same study (Pascarella & Terezini, 2005), they also included the point of view of the employers that the fresh graduate employees may usually “lack an absolute level of job skills required for above-average performance.” This claim is explained by having to note that these students are usually trained to be academically prepared revolving solely on the work`s content areas but fall short in areas that are related to the circu...

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