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The Impact Of Treatment Interventions On Mental Illness Stigma


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The Impact Of Treatment Interventions On Mental Illness Stigma

The Impact Of Treatment Interventions On Mental Illness Stigma


This is a masters comp paper. Attached is my comp paper that was already started. Please 

rewrite starting from the page 22, Evidence-based Intervention, and Implication and Conclusion based on the teacher`s comment by the side of the pages and the attached Rubrics. There are 3 attachments 

1. The rubric
2. The paper instruction and page limits
3. Paper to be followed and edited.


The impact of treatment interventions on mental illness stigma
Date of Submission:

Evidence-Based Intervention
Mental illness stigma is one of the greatest barriers to the improvement of lives of individuals and families of those who suffer from mental disorder. This problem has been noted to carry devastating consequences such as poor mental health seeking behavior, problem in finding employment and housing, withdrawal from social activities, and an overall poor quality of life with those who suffer from mental illness. However, through the review of literature research studies the anti-stigma programs focused on public awareness through educational interventions were effective in reducing mental illness stigma. 
These interventions were also found to improve help-seeking behavior among mentally ill persons and increased knowledge to the about general public about the disorder. Programs such as Open the Doors, adopted by several countries including the U.S, is an example of the educational intervention that have been found to be effective in reducing mental illness stigma globally. In this section of the paper, discussion will focus on the proposed educational intervention targeting public awareness implemented by the PMHNP to help reduce mental illness stigma in a local community church. 
The educational intervention creates public awareness on the mental illness by ta...


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