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The Impact of Technology on Law the Practice Coursework


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The Impact of Technology on Law the Practice Coursework

The Impact of Technology on Law the Practice Coursework


This is continuation of the project, with the annotated bibliography, and the draft attached produce it as one paper 300 words or less pls Addressing the professional responsibility/ethical dimension of the project as instructed by the professor


TOPIC PROPOSAL To conduct a research on the impact of technology on law practice Student ID 00000 An academic paper discussing the impact of technology on law practice Title Virtual Libraries and Search Engines are enhancing the Legal Profession Problem Statement There are many legal documents that are used in the legal profession. Finding these documents offline is time consuming and so a system that allows faster access is a welcomed relief. In many cases, individuals are searching for various legal documents for various legal requirements and moving from office to office is time consuming. A system that is faster to access and also affordable has become a priority for many legal professionals. Discussion any Pre-emption Issues The last 100 years has witnessed enormous leaps in the use of technology in most areas of everyday life. This progress is gradually being witnessed in the legal practice as technology is being intertwined in the working lives of legal professions. One emerging area where technology is witnessed in the legal practice is the virtual libraries and search engines. The essence of law and enormous libraries are intertwined but things have drastically changed over the years. The development of online libraries has drastically increased efficiency in doing searches of legal documents and this enables individuals to save time. Virtual libraries have an essence of flexibility that is not possible when searching documents offli...

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