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The Global Significance of the Cold War


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The Global Significance of the Cold War

The Global Significance of the Cold War

The essay should be focused, detailed. You should choose to write and elaborate the important issue. The essay should be structured and organized. From one point to the another should be transformation words and linkage in the sentences. Thesis should be clear and focus to the idea of the paper and underlined. Please include an outline about the paper also. and their should be argument in the essay such as comments, opinions, criticizing, or defending, something to show how knowledge you are about the topic. But be focus and specified.
Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: The Global Significance of the Cold War Introduction The cold war crisis has brought an unusual argument in the minds of analysts and scholars. This war took place between the 1940s until 1990s. What led to the war still remains a mystery to many. However, some analysts argue that there was a disagreement between America and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic. They have argued that, it was because of western aggression or the soviet expansions that caused disintegration between the two states. The soviet state was strongly campaigning for socialism in the third world countries but its counterpart the U.S could not agree at all. Many questions are left unanswered about the cold war, could it be that the division of the Europe states would have been as a result of the cold war? Did the cold war happen due to materialism and power struggle or lack of understanding in ideas? Could the war by any chance have been avoided or was it certain that it was bound to happen? Was it really justified? Notably, the main aim during this war was to boost their respective defense systems that contributed to a lot of spending on their national resources. The cold war was mainly manifested in the form of propaganda, espionage, military coalition, as well as weapons development. It was carried out through the period of technical development and industrial improvements. As a result, infant and subsidiary industries emerged some of which ...

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