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The Future of Stem Cell Research Career (AP 100: Library Research Assignment)


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The Future of Stem Cell Research Career (AP 100: Library Research Assignment)

The Future of Stem Cell Research Career (AP 100: Library Research Assignment)

AP 100: Library Research Assignment
The Future of Stem Cell Research CareerPerhaps the newest form of career that has yet to develop into a fully fledged career line is the controversial medical field of stem cell research. Apparently, there is no other single career line that has been marred by ethical issues as serious as those in this career, despite the appropriateness of its application in alleviating human suffering. Principles of biomedical ethics have conspicuously been in tandem with social and religious ethics on this topic, making a rare agreement between science and religion and other religion related arguments. Controversy arising from the field has especially been sustained by religion principles which hold human life with a special interest, from a perspective of the human life being beyond experimentation by risky research such as the kind involved in stem research projects.Stem cell research applies special type of cells in the human body that are not devoted to a particular line of specialization to form specific organs. According to the NIH resource for stem cell research, (2009), the unique set of characteristics possessed by the stem cells make them the appropriate solution to nearly all of the divergent human body functioning needs. With continued cellular development of the cells under the appropriate conditioning, the cells are capable of forming virtually all forms of specialized cells that the human body has, including liver, heart, brain spleen and other sensitive organ tissues. In exploiting the stem cell, this line of medical research career is devoted to highlighting the various ways in which such lab-obtained tissues and organs can be used to extract tissue grafts for transplants and other tissue ...

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