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The Fighting 69th (1940)


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The Fighting 69th (1940)

The Fighting 69th (1940)

In your introductory paragraph, you must identify which three literary devices the director uses most effectively to tell the story, and how this movie is relevant to history class. In the body paragraphs, you will choose from three of the five main literary elements: Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, and Theme to discuss the above. In your conclusion, tell which literary element the director used most effectively to tell the story, what you liked or did not like about the film, and how it relates to the time period.
Name:Institution:Course:Date of submission:“The Fighting 69th”In the "The Fighting 69th," movie it is clear that the intentions of the Americans was not to fight in the World War 11. The movie is set during World War 1 based on what the Father Duffy had experienced. The director has used irony since the intention was for the Americans not to be involved in World War 11 but they are preparing a lot for war. Another deice that the director used in this movie is the hyperbole where Jerry Plunket is overstated. He is initially portrayed as if he can fight all the Germans but later he turns out to be a coward. Consequently, the director has shown egocentrism as Plunket uses every opportunity available to redeem himself at the expense of the others in the battle field. For a history student this movie shows the relation between the World War 1 and World War 11.To begin with, let me discuss the characterization. From the movie, several characters have been used to relay various messages as the director of the ...

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