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The definition of Education


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The definition of Education

The definition of Education

the Subject is assignment .. i have to defined ( Education) my teacher want from me .. if i want defined the Education i have to follow this step .. 1- it tells readers what is being defined . 2- it presents a clear basic definition . 3- it uses examples to show what the writer means . 4- it gives details about the examples that readers will understand .
EducationStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Definition of Education Education is the way by which someone obtains knowledge after studying certain subject matters in school or college. Education is also acquired from various life experiences that someone goes through and gets to learn important lessons in life. Education acquired from schooling involves the learner regularly attending school or college from where the student studies several subjects. The student learns by receiving some kind of instructions from experts, or from written material. It might take years before successfully completing education...

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