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The Columbian Exchange


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The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian exchange had a diverse impact on the European, African and American nations. The exchange began with the arrival of Christopher Columbus arrival to the New World in 1942. The exchange greatly influenced the culture, the population, technology, and disease occurrence in these continents. This exchange also influenced rearing of animals and plants in these areas. It is observed that the exchange was purely influence by commerce. Africa, Europe and America were equally affected by the exchange since it involved a swap among the economic and social activities among the continents. The exchange led to introduction of rubber in Africa, tomatoes in America and maize in Europe. Animals such as donkeys, horses, sheep, and mules among other domestic animals were cross exchanged among the continents as well as their different purposes. The movement of people and animals across the continents led to exchange of diseases among the regions. Contagious diseases such as yellow fever were transferred from Africa to America through slave trade. The exchange among the continents led to modified styles of living as it introduced a new set of social, cultural and economic activities. The exchange led to flourish as well as specific detriments to the regions…”

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