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the collapse of the Soviet Union


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the collapse of the Soviet Union

In 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union a newly independent Russia emerged. It was a Russia heavily influenced by its past, but situated within a contemporary context of growing global inter-dependency and exchange, regional de-colonisation and nation building, and internal economic, social political and cultural upheaval and crisis. The aim of the course is to explore the idea of Russia as a `state`, `nation` and `people` that is in the process of re-negotiating its contemporary identity at the global, national, regional, local and individual levels, but firmly locating this exploration within the context of Russia`s past. The course examines internal and external themes and associated processes that are of particular relevance in the contemporary period; it explores their construction and experience at different spatial levels; and assesses the way in which they impact upon, and are in turn influenced by, the development, constitution and positioning of the Russian state, nation and its people. 

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