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Textual Analysis of ¡°Los Vendidos¡±


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Textual Analysis of ¡°Los Vendidos¡±

Textual Analysis of ¡°Los Vendidos¡±

Research paper: Textual Analysis of ¡°Los Vendidos¡± ¡°Los Vendidos¡± is a one-act play by Chicano playwright Luis Valdez. In response to the assigned topic: Los Vendidos, write a deductive essay that works to prove one clearly stated thesis related to the theme. Keep in mind that you are writing for a critical audience that expects your argument to be supported with evidence and logic. Your readers are skeptical about your assertions, and they expect you to create the impression that you are knowledgeable and capable through the skillful use of data and documentation. You want to make your readers believe that you are reliable, sincere, well informed, and qualified to write on the topic. You will be required to use five to eight secondary sources in your paper. Your paper will conform strictly to the MLA parenthetical documentation style. You will follow standard guidelines regarding paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting, and you will turn in Xerox copies of the secondary sources from which you paraphrase and quote. Also, these borrowed passages must be highlighted clearly on the Xeroxed sheet. Your essay should be at least 6 typed pages in length. If you are working on a computer, use twelve point. There should be approximately twenty-five lines per page (or a minimum of 125 lines in total).

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