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Tactile Branding Leads Us by Our Fingertips


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Tactile Branding Leads Us by Our Fingertips

Tactile Branding Leads Us by Our Fingertips

Please read the following article: http://www.applied-iconology.com/images/TactileBrandingCTVca.pdf And write the following: 1- Summary of the article: it shouldn`t be more than one-quarter of the assignment. 2- Analysis of the article with specific reference to how the principles, concepts, and theories of consumer behaviour are applied in the article. (This should take three-quarters of the assignment).
Article Analysis of Tactile Branding Leads Us by Our FingertipsName:Institutional Affiliation: Article analysis of tactile branding leads us by our fingertipsSummary of the article: As corporate branders make attempts of attracting the consumer`s sense of hearing, taste, smell, and sight, they bombard their stimulation on a daily basis. The same marketers are trying to lead consumers by the fingertips towards their products by tapping into their sense of touch. Tactile branding has become aggressive than ever before. In fact, the coca cola company is one of the icon companies that came with products packaged so uniquely. Even when these products were buried in the midst of other bottles, they could still be identified by feel alone. Coke became an example that was emulated by brands such as t...

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