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Sustainable purchasing and cost controll


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Sustainable purchasing and cost controll

Sustainable purchasing and cost controll

there are 2 different problems both need to be solved in EXCEL. they can be solved on same excel sheet problem 1: capture 1 is for problem 1 Copy the above information into a Microsoft Excel file and prepare both weekly and monthly (four weeks) profit figures so that Jim has a good idea about the current profit situation. Also, given the sales for the month, explain how much Jim`s ideal expenses should have been to realize his desired profit of $1,700. Be sure to show the formulas you used for each calculation. You could embed the formulas into your MS Excel spreadsheet, which lets me see the formulas and also allows the computer to calculate the results for you so you would not need to use a calculator. problem 2: capture 2 is for problem 2 Mary is the bookkeeper at Happiness Grill. In the table below, you can see the company`s paper good costs. Use the information to calculate the percentages for each month. Make sure to show the formulas you used and the calculations you performed.
AccountingNameInstitution AccountingProblem 1Profit and loss account of any business shows the financial performance of an organization. In this case, Jim diner operation was fairing on well although the operation experienced a number of profit fluctuation all the way from week one to week four. For instance, the firm started at a profit of $132.7 in week one then profits shot very highly in week two to $725.14 before dropping gradually $471.66 and $158.91 respectively in week three and four. The calculations were obtained as indicated below. Problem 1Revenues and losses for Jim DinerWeekReven...

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