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Survey of World Music-Jazz


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Survey of World Music-Jazz

Survey of World Music-Jazz


Ethnographic Study A five-page-type written research paper that take the form of an ethnomusicological field study of one of the indigenous music styles in Southern California. The project will include interviews that native informants and other appropriate research.


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Survey of World Music Jazz History Deanne Boggart is a multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist musician based in Maryland who combines boogie woogie style with modern blues originating from New Orleans and Chicago to create a fusion blended of all music styles. She has been described as “an extravagant entertainer” (Downbeat Magazine). She was born on September 5, 1959 in Washington D.C. United States where she started her music career and her unique style with the Cowboy Jazz that was dedicated to the western swing of 1940’s (Deanne Bogart Biography). She was only 21 when she joined the Cowboy Jazz as a vocalist where she was determined to learn and play rhythms that were characteristic of the cowboy rhythms. Deanne’s love for music heightened and she played R&B for almost two years with Root Boy Slim that was based in Washington D.C. she was able combine the different influences to compose her own innovative blend of boogie music the contemporary Jazz and Rock. It is 1988 Deanne created her own band and started performing in the Mid-Atlantic locations as well as the West Coast as her music career grew greatly seeing her perform in great performances and appearances in the world stage (About Deane Bogart). Style/genre of music In music styles the artist does it all, she is an all rounded individual displaying acumen in boogie woogie evident on the piano as w


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