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Summative Statement & Action Plan


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Summative Statement & Action Plan

You are to reflect on what you have learned from the module and generally your time at Leeds, and then summarise and show how you, as an individual, are going to manage and support your career development over the next 2-3 years whilst being at Leeds (1,000 words). This will be written in essay format and be in the first person, i.e. ‘I’ The summative statement should conclude with an action plan, (of which the outline and content will be worked through in Week 10). There is no need to use references for this assignment. It is personal and should be all your own thoughts, reflections and plans. The action plan content does NOT contribute to the word count and you should personalise it with specific, measureable and realistic objectives. You will be assessed on the following:- Quality of reflection; evidence (from learning log exercises and elsewhere); ideas for your career development during Years 2 and 3 of your degree; quality and detail of action plan.

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