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Hi, The purpose of this task is to produce a summary report of the survey results to present findings. This report should include a background of why we conducted the survey, a breakdown of the results, and conclusions and recommendations supported by this material. The purpose of the survey is to assess the services provided by the parent company based on the following Scale: Appendix C – Service Quality Scale Appendix D – Relationship Quality Scale and Appendix E – User Satisfaction Scale Five documents have been attached: 1-“Outsourcing Methodology- V01.00.pdf” for the scale and rating. 2-“Outsourcing Assessment_Compliance.xls” for the survey done by the compliance department. 3-“Outsourcing Assessment_GAM.xls” for the survey done by the Asset Management department. 4-“Outsourcing Assessment_WM.xls” for the survey done by the Wealth Management department. 5-“Outsourcing Assessment_IBD.xls” for the survey done by the Investment Banking department. Regards, Wael
SUMMARY REPORT OF THE SURVEY RESULTSName:Institution:Date:The relationship between the vendor and the service providers, service quality and user satisfaction is a necessity in IT transactions. Following this, an outsourcing assessment was done to scale the quality of linkage in all exchange relationships (client vendor-relationship) in a service providing company. The methodology categorically assessed the quality service scale (C) the parent company offers to their customers, the relationship Quality scale (D) between the vendor and the company and the user satisfaction (E)customer is satisfied with the services provided. For the company to reach its final decision, it used three criterions. First, company rated its outsourcing services by determining the macro and micro environment that influence the vendors` performance. Secondly, rating of individual components of quality service delivery, quality of relationship and user satisfaction level on a scale of 4 (1. Strongly Disagree, 2. Disagree, 3. Agree, 4. Strongly agree). Thirdly, composite rating was done by Outsourcing Control Committee (OCC) and deliberation assigned to the three components that help in reaching a final decision. OCC (compliance department, Finance Department, office management department, Asset Management department, Wealth Management department and Investment Banking department) scaled and rated the performance between service providing company and the users using individual assessment.APPENDIX C—SERVICE QUALITY SCALEComputing and information Technology services According to all the assessment departments, service provider provided IT services as stated in the contract and had up to date hardware and software. From all reports individuals reviewed the contract to ascertain hardware and software updates and asses the criteria within the area of operation. Compliance, Office and Finance department reported that the service provider had the tools necessary to operate finances and comply with policies and procedures. IBD reported services provided were maintained according to UB...

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