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Study Guide - Assignment


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Study Guide - Assignment

Study Guide Part I: A selection of these questions from readings will appear on the exam
  1. Explain the transition from “traditional” pastoralism to the commercialized and monetized raising of livestock. To illustrate your answer, provide three (3) detailed examples of changed pastoral economics practices.
  2. When looking at the case of Jordan and Libya, what are some of the reasons that led Bedouin pastoralists in those countries to become settled in the 20th century? Be sure to specify whether or not the settlement of pastoralists in those countries was due to reasons that were similar or different.
  3. Provide an overview of the legal and legislative status of Bedouin in Syria under the French Mandate, The National Party, The United Arab Republic, and the Ba’thists. Make sure you answer shows whether or not there were changes in the status of the Syrian Bedouin under the different regimes / government.
  4. Ibn Khaldun had some very concrete ideas about the topic of Bedouin and settlement. What were his ideas on this subject and how do his ideas about this phenomenon compare to what later authors have said? Discuss the point of agreement and / or disagreement between Ibn Khaldun and other writers on the topic of Bedouin settlement. (Note: Be sure you name the other writers in your answer).
  5. How does Franz explain the origins and expansions of the Bedouin throughout the Arabic speaking lands of the Middle East? In other words, how does Franz account for the presence of Bedouin in different locales? Provide examples.
  6. Donald Abdullah Cole, in the film “Being Bedouin: Past & Present”, discusses aspects of camel husbandry in Saudi Arabia today. How does Cole describe contemporary camel rearing? Include details about who is involved, how it is done, and why it is still practiced.
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