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Structuration Theory and Organizations (Eagle Gift Foundation)


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Structuration Theory and Organizations (Eagle Gift Foundation)

Structuration Theory and Organizations (Eagle Gift Foundation)

Statement of Research Organization • Eagle Gift Foundation https://www.eaglegiftfoundation.org/about Theory Structuration (Giiddens) Instructions • 2-page paper • Explain how the theory and the organization might fit together (Ex: It recognizes that `man actively shapes the world he lives in at the same time as it shapes him) • Give more in-depth information on the theory (explain and describe) then go into how they would fit together •
Structuration Theory and OrganizationsName:Institution: Structural theory is the formation of social interactions across space and time. This theory by Giddens identifies that there is more to social life than random habit and it has nothing to do with social forces. Giddens in his theory has put emphasis on space and time as some of the contextual points. Structuration theory also states that the social structure and the human agency are related. When the individual agents repeat the social acts, it leads to reproduction of structure. This theory by suggests that there exist a social structure in moral codes, traditions, institutions and the way people do things in a particular manner. For instance in customer site, the trade conference, place of work, the restaurants among others. Find herein an elaborate description of the structuration theory and an explanation of how it links with the organizations, including the Eagle Gift Foundation (Eagle Gift Foundation, 2009).Structurational model of identification contains three important aspects in an organization. The first importance is the use of structure to connect identities with identifications. Additionally, an organization use structure to solve tensions that may emerge regarding opinions of identification in the text. The identification views that may cause tension could be structure-oriented or action-based. The second structurational model is multiple regionalization and ...

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