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Strong Black Woman Survivor of Domestic Violence


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Strong Black Woman Survivor of Domestic Violence

Strong Black Woman Survivor of Domestic Violence


i have to do the class facilitation with 5 other members. i have to create/generate about 5 discussion questions that are relevant to the chapters/readings i provided. I have to then use those discussion questions to facilitate the class. please make sure you create questions based on the readings, please don`t just straight forward ask questions,i want you to write the question worth 2-3 lines. i am also attaching an example of the discussion questions from my other group who facilitated so you can get an idea :) (ofcourse dont copy that one since that will be just an example for you)

thank you


Student Name: Instructor: Date: Discussion Questions 1. Discussion question on Chapter 5: Through the Eyes of a Strong Black Woman Survivor of Domestic ViolenceWhy the women would not exit abusive relationships but opt to stay in one or is it just some hope of a better tomorrow, or there is no option?Exiting a relationship is quite difficult. Women who do so often have to face the consequences of living in abject poverty. The black woman worked as a prostitute before meeting Tony in Brisbane. She may have seen


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