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Stratgic manegment


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Stratgic manegment

Stratgic manegment

hey,i would like you to make a presentation speech on the company of H&M... i will upload all the detail you need and the question i want you to answer it ,also the structure &guide ,please read it carefully and use an language to be easy to read it >> thanks.....
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Name: Course: Professor Name: (October 15, 2011) Strategic Management Introduction The Global fashion retail business has been undergoing great changes as designers and business persons in the sector try to outdo each other. Various company managers have been using different strategies in management to ensure that their company sells out best; most being under pressure from consumers who no longer have mere loyalty to fashion companies like used to be in the past but who need to work with result oriented companies that mind their communities wellbeing. The changing customer trends, globalization, advancement in technology, rise in number of fashion companies and unpredictable economic times have all contributed to shift and improvement in the fashion industry; companies that previously concentrated their businesses in Western countries have no choice but to spread their arms to developing countries in search for better profits and titles especially in corporate social responsibility (CSR). H&M is no exception and it has been expanding over the years; the second largest world fashion company opened its first store in Sweden in 1947 and now has over 2,300 stores and 87,000 employees locally and abroad and is largely known for its broad range of clothing and other wears such as footwear. This paper will highlight H&M`s profile in terms of products, services and market coverage. It will a...

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