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Strategic Brand Management. Kylie Jenner LipKit - Co-brand


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Strategic Brand Management. Kylie Jenner LipKit - Co-brand

The style of the paper is Assessment, not Assignment. 

This is about Kylie Jenner LipKit - Co-brand strategic. 
paper have to exactly about Kylie Jenner LipkIT , LIPSTICS not about other products of the company
When it comes to this part of your assessment, where essentially you will be making recommendations: rather than providing just a list of suggestions, you should focus on one key idea, and expand on it with explanations, justifications and evidence. 
There may be some overlap in the chosen branding area, which is to be expected – as you have undertaken a considerable amount of analysis as a group. 

The following selection of suggested strategic approach and refinements, of which one or a blend of several should be attempted: 

1. Co-brand 

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