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Running Head: StatsInsert NameInsert Course TitleInsert Instructor`s NameDateIntroductionIn the current economy, the change in the economical condition is highly manifested in the region. The prices of the stock returns keep on fluctuating from time to time. This is articulated to the changes in the economic conditions of the individuals, employment patterns of the investors and also the income e outlay of the investors in the economy. Over the past decade, there has been gradual increase in the prices of the stock and therefore it was easy to predict its price over a long run. This is not the case immediately after the effect of the global crisis experienced in the early 2008. The effects were adverse to the prices of the stocks and therefore, until recently, stock prices have never been constantStatement of the problemThe economy has experienced volatility in equity markets for the past decades. The analysis focuses on the major changes in historical volatilities and the correlations of inter-markets. Its main intent is to measure volatility but not the controls of events leading to volatility in financial markets. After the review of the historical volatility changes and the market interrelationships, the analysis puts into consideration the adverse effects of macroeconomic impact where excessive volatility is felt. The analysis also curtails the major initiatives and financial reforms made in order to assuage the impact of stock price inconsistency; it includes limiting volatility in the stock market by imposing trading halts, legal leverage that is available to the investors in form of financial assets are limited, exchange trade patterns altered in order to accommodate the quantity available, and also the transaction costs are raised.The analysis provides that over the past decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the market volatility of the available stock returns in the market. Despite this, the measures do not provide a more coherent impression of the effect of the changes in the stock returns. The high-volatility incidents have led to revert of market volatility measurements to relatively lower levels.MethodologyThe method of data collection used in coming up with the above results is the distribution of questionnaires to the intended target population and also performing interviews. The research design to be used in analyzing the data collected is the descriptive method. The concern is to identify the characteristics of various variables that lead to the market volatility of the stock returns in the economy. The concern also is to determine who, what, when, how much variable will be influenced or changed by a slight change in other variables.Hypothesis * Limiting the volatility of the stock prices in the stock market will stabilize the rapid changes in the stock prices. This is done by imposing trade halts * Limiting legal leverage available to investors in the form of financial assets will impose a relative stability in th...

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