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Spring 2016 UDC: Teahing Children With Down Syndrome


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Spring 2016 UDC: Teahing Children With Down Syndrome

Spring 2016 UDC: Teahing Children With Down Syndrome


Bibiliography Cited page ,double space , 12 point folic. use down syndrome association of west Michigan possibility promise potential supporting the student with down syndrome in your classroom educator manual. introduction, body and conclusion.


Teaching Children with Down Syndrome Name Institutional affiliation Teaching Children with Down Syndrome Down syndrome is a disorder that affects people mentally or physically. It is caused by an error that occurs during non-disjunction in the process of cell division. According to Barta and Salinas (2014), Down syndrome happens when there are three instead of two copies of the number 21 chromosome. The extra chromosome results in a medical diagnosis referred to as Trisomy 21. Consequently, the increased genetic material results in changes in the normal development of the individual’s body and brain. As a result, a person with Down syndrome experiences delayed physical, intellectual and, language development. Barta and Salinas (2014) state that persons with Down syndrome show similar characteristics to their peers as they grow. There is a great diversity in personality, intelligence, looks, humor, intellect, compassion, compliance, and attitude. Additionally, despite the fact that people with Down Syndrome might show similar characteristics to their peers, they look more alike to their family members than to one another. Barta and Salinas (2014), argue that children with Down syndrome, require the same quality of care, attention, and inclusion in the society that helps any child to grow. Providing them with a quality education in school and home helps children with Down syndrome have an opportunity to develop strong academic and


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