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Sport event programme development

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Sport event programme development

The aim of this assessment is to develop a sport event programme and schedule for the
client or community that was used for the first and second assessment. The sport event
programme should be developed from the development proposal put forward in
assignment two.
2 HEP: HEP: NSW5028/CRICOS Provider Code NSW00246M
© Laureate International Universities 2016
Programme philosophy and rationale (500 words):
Development philosophy:
• The report should begin with a description and examination of the programming
philosophy that has been chosen to develop the sport event programme.
The rationale:
• Examine why the chosen development philosophy is the most suitable for the
proposed event (as proposed in assignment two)
• All factors of importance in the programme development philosophy decision should
be addressed.
The sport event programme elements (500 words):
Apply the programming development philosophy and construct the sport event programme
and its elements.
• Each individual programme element of the sport event should be built and
• Reflect the guiding programme development philosophy in the programme elements
and structure
The sport schedule (run sheet or action plan) (200 words):
Development of the sport event schedule (run sheet or action plan).
• Apply scheduling techniques to the production of the sport event schedule (in table
• Explain (in 200 words) the significance of the schedule, how it best implements the
programme and relates back to the programme development philosophy.
• Note that the actual schedule table does not add to the overall word count of this

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Sport event programme development Sport event programme development
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