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Speech Presentation: High Blood Pressure


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Speech Presentation: High Blood Pressure

Speech Presentation: High Blood Pressure

Speeche; develop and present an informative speech the speech should be 3-5 minutes. it must be delivered extemporaneously, using 3-3x5 note cards, must include 3+ source citations, and must have an accompanying typed outline. If you do not have your outline, you will not be allowed to present your speech. The outline does not receive a separate grade, but the speech can be penalized up to one letter grade if the outline is not done correctly. Further guidelines will be provided. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO THE OUT LINE.THE TITLE IS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.AND AT LEAST 3 SOURCE CITATION.
Speech Presentation: High Blood PressureName of StudentCourseTutorDate of SubmissionSpeech Presentation: High Blood PressureOutlineAbstract:According to Rhoden & Schein (2010), one in every three adults in the United States have Hypertension. This is a deadly condition with no signs or symptoms. It damages the heart, kidney, blood vessels, and body organs. It is important that every individual gets to know their blood pressure number as this is the only way to detect hypertension. This will to enable health care teams to detect and work on the condition when it arises.IntroductionHigh blood pressure or hypertension is the consistently elevated pressure of blood to levels above the normal 140/90mmHgBodyHigh blood pressure causes damage...

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