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Paper needs to be based on the movie Rosewood; how this applies to sociology and if such instances in the movie happen today in ref to race, racism, and advancement. Also critical thinking paper – Utilizing Socialization, Racial and Ethnic Equality. Need to view this movie and analyze your feelings. In conclusion, discuss the role of the socialization process and what role you believe if any it plays in the eradication or perseverance of racism.
First Name: Second Name: University Name: Lecturer Name: Movie Review Rosewood Rosewood is a movie which was directed by Singleton`s John in reference to racial discrimination and violence in Florida in 1923. The movie takes accounts of the tragedy that took place at a prosperous black town which was invaded by the white. In 1923 the black residence of Rosewood which was all black villages in central Florida were prosperous in their farming activities. This was after several generations from slavery the community had settled there and they were having good businesses and farms which were envied by the white. It`s at this they have been developing freedom and they were relating well with the white and adjacent to Rosewood were white settlers villages who were poor and looked upon Rosewood with envy and suspension due to how they were progressing and the white people were getting much of the assistant from the black wealthy farmers. Due to such imbalance in the racial social hierarchy there were grudges with each other. Therefore any instability between their coexistence would result to a war between them and this is what happened. Fanny Taylor was unfaithful wife to his husband and needed to conceal it after she was battered by her white lover. As a result of the beatings she run out of her house claiming that she has been assaulted by a black man and because she had bruises there is no way she would have convinced the husband on how they come about hence...

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