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Sociolinguistic Analysis Essay


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Sociolinguistic Analysis Essay

Assessment #3: Sociolinguistic Analysis Essay (2500 words) In the analysis project you will choose a particular language community or social group that you are familiar with and provide a sociolinguistic analysis. The essay should include a description of the group that includes some explanation of what qualifies the group as a distinct sociolinguistic class. This should include some discussion of aspects of the culture of the group. The analysis should look closely at two issues and how they are reflected in the community. One issue you must discuss is Language and Education. The other issue may be (but is not limited to): Language and Power Multilingualism Language Choice Language and Gender Politeness Dialects Language attitudes Generalized rubric for Assignment 3 Clearly identifies the target community/network, offering an appropriate level of descriptive detail 6 Discusses two distinct sociolinguistic issues 4 Discussion uses terminology and reflects an understanding of sociolinguistic concepts 10 Demonstrates skill at ionterpretatrion and analysis of relevant features of the community 10 Readability, coherence, adherence to conventions of academic style and citation of appropriate references 10 TOTAL 40 Assignment requirements All written assignments must be typed in a 12-point font, doublespaced, with standard 3cm margins. Use page numbers. Each assignment should include the UC cover page. Use APA or Harvard style for citations/references (cf. A Guide to Documenting Sources of Information (2003)). Check your work carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.

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