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Society and Culture

Society and Culture

Society and Culture

in class we talked a lot about culture. We watched a video which talked about and showed the viewer many different cultures they have over in India.
Blogs are for you to use your “sociological imagination” by applying something that we discussed in class, covered in lectures, read in your textbook, or saw in a video to your everyday life.
The blog must be at least 300 words in length and respond specifically to some of the topics discussed in class. You must have ONE SOURCE that is not your textbook, powerpoint slides, or class notes.
Tell me:
add more information by including a new source
argumentwhether you thought the movies and clips were thought-provoking or just did not provide a strong enough
whether you agree or disagree with how a topic was respresented (make sure to tell me whey you feel they way you do)
how you feel about specific topics that were presented in class

Different cultures around the world use different signs and languages whenever they are communicating. The most notable form of communication that is visible in various communities is the use of body language through gestures and signs. Depending on the community, and ideologies that are embedded in their culture, individuals may show specific bodily dispositions to show approval or disapproval. After watching the video, I was fascinated to learn that different communities have their way of communication or indicating their acceptance or rejection. In the case of India, the wobbling of the head is one notable aspect that shows how individuals show approval. In a different article by Sterelny (2145), I noticed the use of gestures has often been a mystery to researchers and sociologist in their quest to understand the diversities of different communities. Therefore, the video opens a new realm of understanding of the existence of these diversities.

The insight from the video and the article was thought provoking as I felt there is very little that I know about other communities. Not only did the video and the article show the essence of understanding the culture of other communities, but its shows why individuals face culture shocks whenever they move to new places around the world. As sociology student, I believe the article and video plays an essential role of preparing my mindset about the communities that I might meet around the world by understanding that they will be different. I am also now able to comprehend why it is essential to view different individuals differently. The presentation of the topic in class made me aware of why I should use more of the words rather than use gestures and bodily disposition in communicating with other people.


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Society and Culture Society and Culture
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