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Socially responsible and ethical behavior in business


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Socially responsible and ethical behavior in business

Socially responsible and ethical behavior in business

5 pages, APA format, double space 12 point Times New Roman. Separate reference page source must be from last 24 months of news article. NEED FIRST 1-page abstract paper double
SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE AND ETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN BUSINESS Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Socially Responsible and Ethical Behavior in Business Ethics are those standards and principles of human conduct that govern the behavior of an individual or groups. Ethical behavior is anchored on a set of values and principles, indeed ethical behaviors is more than just mare belief, it encompasses actions of the individuals, groups or organizations. We can therefore say that ethics is about the standards, principles and norms of conduct that govern an individual or group. Social responsibility encompasses how organizations manage their business process so as to produce an overall positive impact in stakeholders or society for that matter. An organization that is socially conscious recognizes its responsibilities in several levels which include; ethical, legal, ethical and even philanthropic responsibilities. As such, ethical behavior is one aspect of a socially responsible company. An organization cannot be said to be socially responsible if it has more leaning towards its ethical and legal responsibilities and overlooking the other levels of social responsibilities. A company must go out of its way as opposed to behind confined to what the law expects and consider what is ethical. This is particularly true for those organizations whose activities are spread in many countries some of which may have varying legal responsibilities. It is very important for companies to operate under some ethical standards above and beyond what we can call bare minimum legal requirements (Doodson, 2013). Ethical behavior is an element of a socially responsible company; for how would a company be if it strives to be ethical, but not to be socially responsible. As the company strives towards implementing its ethical practices, thereby will it predictably make decisions that will be more socially respons...

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