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Social Policy for Children and Families


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Social Policy for Children and Families

Conduct a children`s rights impact assessment of policy relating to a current issue under debate in the media. You will need to critically analyse the policy issues making reference to the UNCRC.

You must contextualise a relevant policy, analyse the policy goals and the underpinning influences and evaluate the impact on children`s rights

You must draw on theoretical perspectives relevant to children`s rights and the social construction of childhood to support the analysis.


LO1: Demonstrates detailed understanding of relevant policy developments

LO2: Demonstrates understanding of relevant influences on policy development 

LO3: Analyses and evaluates social policy affecting children and families 

LO4: Examines the impact of social policy on children, families and those working in children`s services 

LO5: Uses real-life examples (from the news media, research studies and other academic literature) to support understanding and analysis of social policy

LO6: Demonstrates sound academic skills in formative and summative assessments




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