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SOC 214 Clearing the Plains Book Review Assignment


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SOC 214 Clearing the Plains Book Review Assignment

SOC 214 Clearing the Plains Book Review Assignment


The book review is expected to be no more than 5 pages (1250 words) in length. The purpose of the book review is to allow students to critically examine the book Clearing the Plains by James Daschuk. Please follow the suggestions at the following link when writing your review. http://www.trentu.ca/history/workbook/bookreviews.php The book review is worth 30% of your final mark.


- Clearing the Plains Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction There are quite a number of books that have come before detailing the history of the aboriginal people and the relevance to the Canadian history. However, Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life, is a book by James Daschuk a professor at the University of Regina in Kinesiology and Health studies (Daschuk, 2013). The book details some of the most horrors that the First nation people had to endure with the coming of the European to Canada, some of which paint a grim picture of the country`s history. There have been quite a number of books in the past that have detailed the element of aggression and victims of the European invasion of Canada. Most of the historiographies detail the framework of the colonizers, their vile strategies on the people and the subsequent rise of the people against the First Nation people (Woolford, 2016). This is a history that most readers would not be comfortable with relative to the cruelties that have been detailed as having been directed at the First Nation communities such as the Nakota, Niitsitapi, Nehiyawak, Anishinaabe and the Dakota (Daschuk, 2013). James however, brings to a readers a deeper understanding of the shameful history that Canada has relative to the dehumanizing strategies used on the aboriginal people. Currently, James Daschuk is an associate professor at the University of Regina within the Facult...

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