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SMUnit IV: McDonalds corporation


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SMUnit IV: McDonalds corporation

SMUnit IV: McDonalds corporation


Unit IV Case Study Complete the four elements of the McDonald’s organization chart exercise in the Assurance of Learning Exercise 7A on page 248 of the textbook. Once the organizational chart recommendation is completed, create at least one high-level objective for each functional group in the organizational chart. State your rationale for each and briefly state how each would be measured. Compile your work into a minimum two-page APA formatted paper. Course Textbook David, F.R. (2011). Strategic management: Concepts and cases (13th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

SMUNIT IV CASE STUDY6Name:Course:Professor name:Date Of SubmissionSMUnit IV Case Study 6McDonald`s corporation is one of the world`s largest chains of fast food restaurants; the chain serves almost fourth seven million customers on daily service with more than thirty one thousand restaurants in one hundred and nineteen countries worldwide. Each of the McDonald`s restaurants is run by a franchisee or by the corporation itself. The McDonalds organization has a set of organization structure elements that enable the smooth operation of the business. Organization structure can be defined as the way by which an organization arranges its employees and the business management in order to ensure the efficient operation and achievement of set goals. Structure elements of the organization aims at creating a pattern of interactions and co-ordination among different departments and groups to make sure that the organizations goals are achieved.The four elements of McDonalds organization consists of the assignment of tasks ...

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