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Smart Phones Operating Systems


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Smart Phones Operating Systems

Smart Phones Operating Systems

Type of paper is Formal Topic Proposal. I made an order 4 days ago about smart phones operating system, you have to use the information and the sources from it. I am ganna attach two samples, one is my order that i made. the other is a sample from a formal topic proposal so you can look at it and write like it.
MEMORANDUMTO:FROM:DATE: 28th February 2012SUBJECT: Smart Phones Operating SystemsI hereby submit this memorandum to seek guidance on my topic of choice for a research paper. Your opinion as well as that of my colleagues will play a pivotal role in shaping the topic of my research proposal. A brief overview of the topic of my choice will precede the problem statement, whereby I will illuminate the problem I want to research on. I will provide possible solutions to the problem, define the scope of my research and methods of collecting data and at the end provide a preliminary conclusion that is based on my research to the moment.OVERVIEWQuite a number of people with me being one of them are pursuing a career in operating system. This career carry a number of attributes which are mainly long-term as what is contributed today are inputs to making companies run much more efficiently and increasing their profitability in the future. There has been severe global competition in the information and telecommunications industry with a lot of innovativeness especially in the development of smart phone operating systems. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Nokia are already using operating systems that are unique to make their products look attractive and unique. With appropriate smart phone operating systems, consumers are more likely to be attracted to buying those smart phones to meet their daily needs and hence high sales to the companies.STATEMENT OF PROBLEMThis research entails determining how different operating systems help in making the smart phones have the uniqueness and hence become most attractive to the consumers. Consumers are to be attracted to the appropriateness of an operating system. This means meeting the needs that a con...

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