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Slavery in Colonial America


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Slavery in Colonial America

Slavery in Colonial America

I am an international student who studies in an American university. I want you to write a research paper consisted of 8 pages ( 2000 words ) about the History of slavery in the United States with at least 3 academic resources.I don`t want you to write it in a professional way, but I want it written in a good way that guarantees A- or B+. I want the font (Times New Roman) and the size of the font is 12. And of course double-spaced.
Slavery in Colonial AmericaStudent Name:School Name:SlaverySlavery was and still is a practice where human beings are regarded as property that can be sold and be bought, afterwards, they are engaged in forced labor (Laura, 2004). For a practice to be considered as slavery, a person has to be held against his/her will from the moment they are captured, sold or purchased and subsequently denied their freedom of movement, forced to work with no compensation for their efforts. Throughout the history of civilization, many societies have acknowledged the use of slaves. To date slavery has not ceased. Instead it has taken many different forms than it did a couple of centuries back. While back in history it did take the form of forced labor, currently it takes the form of forced marriages, serfdom, debt bondage, child soldiers, indentured servitude, domestic servants, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation in the sex industry. Slaves were considered important during the pre-industrial period because of the labor they provided. Therefore they were important in the furtherance of economic stability of the societies they were located. However, with mechanization of agriculture coupled with other industrial innovation, the economic importance of slavery during the industrial period declined. There was decreased need for man power because the machines were much more effective and efficient compared to human labor.This paper is going to concern itself with discussion of the history of slave labor in the Colonial United States. It is going to consider the factors that made slave trade flourish in the colonial United States as well as the factors that led to the decline of slave trade in America during the period. It is expected that at the end of the paper, a more informed insight will have been gained concerning the history of Slave trade in United States of America.History of Slavery in Colonial United States of AmericaIn 1607 Jamestown was established by English Settlers a...

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