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Skinny Room


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Skinny Room

Skinny Room

We`re required to make a controversial space based on survey from audience, which I will attach below. And we choose to design a space that shows a lot of exposure to skin and other human body parts. We choose bedroom as the the space to experiment on our concept. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1335hc-GUKyeJeaB2moRLMK5uj1IoeK9Z2_Lm651DNcE/viewform if you go to this link you will know the questions we passed around and a picture of a bedroom and a sofa which is something like the one we are planning to make. Writer I would like you to do a chart based on the survey results, which I will attach below, in the excel separately and then transfer to the parer but attach the excel calculations with the chart as well. Any kind of chart will be ok pie chart or any kind of chart. I would like you write an analysis of the survey result and questionnaire we passed around. Also can you please find 2 sources in the internet that shows a controversial case like this and write a paragraph for each source please put the tittle of the sources on top of the paragraph. Thank you, Farnaz Alam
SKINNY ROOM AND CONTROVERSIAL INTERIOR DECORS Name: Institution: Date: Space and decorations are vital aspects of design, but there is divided opinion on the use of controversial decorations and interiors. In the study conducted we sought to identify people`s reaction on use of human body parts as a form of decoration. The interviewees were from diverse backgrounds providing a holistic approach of the study. Other than body parts, showing too much skin are also controversial, and people had varied opinion on the purpose of decorations that look similar to skin. The spaces in a room can emphasize on ideas, thoughts show shared value among people and express varied functions. The population size chosen was almost equal between males and female, male interviewees were 27, and female interviews were 31, but there was one unidentified interviewee. This choice of population size meant to reduce bias and ensure reliability of the results. Although the population was predominantly composed of students there were other interviewees including engineers and teachers. The use of body parts is indeed controversial as most respondents were uncomfortable with the mere suggestion of using body parts in the interior of a room. For instance the responses showed negative perception with words like creepy, weird, and disgusting being mentioned. It is clear that shapes and forms reflect the mood of a room and the responses show that this decorations and interiors depict a chilling atmosphere, with many not contemplating on staying in such a room. Thirty six out of the fifty nine respondents stated that they would not be comfortable in rooms that had loud designs, but twenty two of th...

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