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Situation Analysis: ooVoo


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Situation Analysis: ooVoo

Situation Analysis: ooVoo

Please find the following information about (ooVoo). SITUATION ANALYSIS Company Analysis oGoals – 2 marks oMission – 2 marks oCore Values – 2 marks oStrengths – 4 marks oWeaknesses – 4 marks oRelevant Networks (for online presence) – 5 marks oCurrent Activity (online) – 5 marks oState of Digital Footprint (Social Audit) – 5 marks Competitor Analysis oMarket Position – 1 mark oStrength – 4 marks oWeaknesses – 4 marks oCurrent Activity – 5 marks oState of Digital Footprint (Social Audit) – 5 marks
SITUATION ANALYSIS: OOVOO Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Goal The goal of Oovoo is bringing people together for the purpose of discussion, collaboration and paying each other individual visits like they are in the same room. That happens regardless of the location of the person or rather the two communicating parties (Zimmerman, 2011). Mission To provide video social media communication through compatible Oovoo devices and popular social networks hence enhancing interaction and communication (Zimmerman, 2011). Core Values Bring people together hence ensure understanding of one another. Value communication as tool to assist forming and enhancing personal connections The company values collaboration hence bring together people to discuss, share, debate and connect as people who are together though they are in different locations. The company values mutual respect hence they open up new possibilities and new doors thereby giving people the freedom to express oneself. The company believes in privacy hence they do not monitor one`s conversations. Values quality, they set high expectation for it and lay down strategies to execute the plans. Values individual opinion hence suggestions are highly accommodated. Value innovation. The compan...

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