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Should the Government Control Firearms?


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Should the Government Control Firearms?

Should the Government Control Firearms?


i need an argumentitive reaserch paper that is completley cited with pros and cons and written to vouch for the pro gun side it has to be at least 800 words with reference page please email me with any questions

Should the Government Control Firearms?NameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateIntroductionBetween 2007 and 2011, more than forty six thousand Americans succumbed to murders perpetrated through gun related violence. These statistics translate to about 25 murders every day (Spall & Sloan, 2013). The United States has the highest prevalence of gun ownership and gun related deaths in the world. Other statistics also indicate that there are eighty eight guns for every one hundred Americans (Sager, 2012). Gun control is a very contentious topic and both sides of the debate are worthy of intuitive and realistic exploration. Pro and anti-gun control sympathizers tender valid concerns and beliefs. It is however very important that one exercises good judgment to reach an amicable compromise on which side of the debate to support for the greater good of the public. In my view, allowing unlimited access to guns is the most viable compromise because it affords citizens the opportunity for self-defense should a threat to their safety surface. Pros and cons of gun controlPros of gun controlGun control advocates indicate that restricting access to guns inhibits people from committing crimes such as mass shootings. They espouse that some countries like Japan and England have low rates of mass shootings because citizens in those places have limited access to guns and ammunition. This is not the case in America where people have unlimited access to guns and ammunition. Gun control advocates cite that guns are unsafe particularly when they are accidentally placed in the reach of children or held by reckless and inexperienced adults. They also indicate that it is important to limit access to guns because even when mandatory waiting times and screening is invoked, many people still buy and use them to commit crime. They also indicate that types of guns such as semiautomatic firearms should be reserved for military personnel. Mass shooters use such artillery to commit massive killings such as the Sandy Hook mass shooting that occurred in an elementary school (Bennet, 2012). Cons of gun control Anti -gun control advocates indicate that possessing a gun gives one the advantage of taking out a mass killer before he causes too many fatal...

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